Clark County

He’s accused of watching his mom’s Kentucky suicide. Police call it murder.

A Clark County man has been charged with murder after allegedly watching his mother commit suicide and doing nothing to stop her.

Jeffrey Wisecup, 27, was arrested Friday after Winchest er police found an adult female dead in a bedroom in May, according to an arrest citation.

Initially, Wisecup was asked to come to the police headquarters for an interview after his mother was found May 21. The woman’s name wasn’t released in the court files.

Wisecup allegedly told police he and his mother wanted to commit suicide, and he watched his mother “inject herself with many insulin pens and swallow pills,” according to his arrest citation.

The son went to bed seconds later and was awakened by sounds of his mother having seizures on the kitchen floor, according to court records.

He told police he dragged his mother to the bedroom and put her in her bed before going back to sleep in his own bed, police say. Wisecup woke up the next morning and found his mother dead, his arrest citation states.

Wisecup told police he left his mother in her bedroom while he went to the liquor store for alcohol and went to work once. He reported his mother’s death five days after she died, police said. He opened windows in the home because of the odor, according to his arrest citation.

Wisecup “admitted that he should have called emergency services and that she may still be alive today if he had,” according to court records.

Police say that his “wanton conduct” of not calling emergency medical services when his mother began her suicide attempt created a “grave risk of death” to his mother.

Friday, more than five months after Wisecup’s mother died, he was arrested and charged with murder. He’s been placed in the Clark County Detention Center.