Clark County

Animal feces around the house, smell of urine from the sidewalk. Kentucky parents charged.

Two Winchester parents were arrested Tuesday after police found their three daughters living in deplorable conditions.

A Winchester police officer said he could smell urine from the sidewalk as he approached the Franklin Avenue home of Michael and Laura Wilburn. When police entered, they found animal feces throughout the house and an overpowering smell of urine, according to an arrest citation.

“The amount of clothing, trash and general filth were horrible and roaches and gnats were everywhere,” police said.

There was even feces on the floor of the room where the family slept, according to an arrest citation.

Two of the daughters, twins, came outside and police smelled the odor from the house on them, and one of the girls had a cockroach on her shirt, police said.

Three dogs, two cats, a snake and a turtle lived in the home and the children’s health and well-being were in danger, according to police.

Pipes used for smoking marijuana were also found in the home, according to the arrest citation.

Police said the couple has had similar issues in Kentucky and Georgia in the past and were aware of the conditions, “but could not answer why or how it happened,” court records show.

The girls were removed from the home by social services and the parents were each charged with second-degree criminal abuse.

Michael Wilburn, 41, and Laura Wilburn, 36, were placed in the Clark County Detention Center.