Fayette County

Hundreds unite in downtown Lexington to oppose Trump’s election

Cass Giles spoke during the Not My President protest in Lexington.
Cass Giles spoke during the Not My President protest in Lexington.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the courthouses in downtown Lexington on Saturday night to say emphatically that Donald Trump is not their president.

“We have come to protest Trump and his comments that he has made towards people of color, LGBT people, people with disabilities, women, the Muslim community,” rally attendee Niamh Bolton said in an interview. “It’s not right for the leader of our country to be making these comments. I’m not here to say, ‘Put Hillary in office.’ I’m here to say, ‘Denounce your hate.’”

Attendees carried signs with slogans such as “Nasty women unite,” “Dump Trump,” “Hate is not a platform,” “Predator-in-chief” and “A threat to one, a threat to all.”

Jessica Ladipo told the crowd that “November 8 was supposed to be the day the U.S. stood up to the bully that hijacked the GOP.”

Instead, she said “November 8 was the day that citizens allowed their own perceived self interests to supersede what was best for the nation.”

But she said it was also something else.

“It was the day that sparked a movement.”

Hannah Hopkins, 5, handed out construction paper hearts to people at the rally.

Her mom, Jamie Hopkins, said Hannah came up with the idea, saying “we should make little hearts and hand them out to everybody who doesn’t look like us to show them we love them.”

“We wanted to spread the love, and we wanted to say love wins,” Jamie Hopkins said.

Robert Shirley, holding a Trump sign, stood at the edge of the courthouse lawn.

“I feel like these rallies are kind of crazy,” he said. “He’s your president now. I think you should accept him as your president and hope for the best.”