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Lexington police sergeant accused of stalking, spying

Lexington Police Sgt. Jervis Middleton
Lexington Police Sgt. Jervis Middleton LFUCG

A woman has filed an emergency order of protection against high-profile Lexington police Sgt. Jervis Middleton after recent incidents caused her to “fear for the temporary safety of myself and my son,” according to court records.

The protection order was filed in Fayette County District Court Aug. 7, a day before police Public Information Officer Brenna Angel said Middleton was transitioning to a new assignment. Middleton was previously a department spokesman.

Susan Straub, spokeswoman for Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, said she could not comment on the allegations against Middleton. Middleton could not immediately be reached for comment. He has been a police officer since June 2007.

“He has currently been placed on administrative assignment,” Straub said. “As part of his administrative assignment, he has turned in all department-issued weapons.”

He could face disciplinary action, Straub said.

In the woman’s petition, she claimed she was in a sexual relationship with Middleton for more than a year.

The woman said she became concerned Middleton “may be watching me as he has known of too many things/coincidences that he shouldn’t have.”

She accused Middleton of stalking and spying on her after the relationship ended, culminating in an Aug. 2 incident, according to court records.

Around 11 p.m., she was inside her home with a friend when “my friend noticed there was a man on my roof, laying flat, watching down on us through the window,” she said in her petition. When she ran outside, someone jumped off her neighbor’s roof onto the ground and drove away in a black SUV.

After she called police and then Middleton, Middleton showed up within seconds, the woman said in her petition.

In her petition for the protective order, the woman said Middleton admitted driving by her house multiple times, going through her cellphone and showing up at places she has been. She said she only recently learned he was married.

Fayette County Family Court Judge Lucinda Masterton ordered the Fayette County Sheriff to confiscate and retain any firearms in Middleton’s possession “in order to assist in eliminating future acts of domestic violence and abuse, dating violence and abuse, stalking, or sexual assault.”

Middleton is due to appear in court Thursday , according to court records.

Staff Writer Beth Musgrave contributed to this report.

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