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The failure of Fyre Festival will be featured at a Lexington Legends promotional night.

The 2017 opening day for the Lexington Legends Whitaker Bank Ballpark.
The 2017 opening day for the Lexington Legends Whitaker Bank Ballpark. aslitz@herald-leader.com

The failure of a highly-publicized music festival that has spawned multiple documentaries will be featured in a Lexington Legends promotional night.

The Legends announced Sunday that its April 28 game against Greenville will be Fyre Festival Day, paying homage to a disastrous 2017 music festival in the Bahamas.

April 28 was the first day of Fyre Festival two years ago, when thousands of festivalgoers went to the Bahamas expecting a luxury, first-class festival, but were met with major food and accommodation problems. The festival was canceled and the organizers have faced several lawsuits.

The festival was featured in two separate documentaries in January: “Fyre Fraud” on Hulu and “Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened” on Netflix. The successes of the documentaries led to the festival going viral once again, and the Legends hope to bank on that for its theme night.

The Legends announced its Fyre Festival Day in a similar way as the festival by posting on Instagram the name of the theme night with an all-orange background. Like Fyre, few details were initially released about the theme night.

Anna Mapson, the Legends special projects manager, said the idea came from an idea sharing session not too long after the documentaries came out.

“We saw an opportunity to highlight something that is currently relevant in pop culture,” she said. “This day is a very Minor League Baseball type of promotion.”

Fyre Festival Day attendees can expect to see cheese sandwiches on the menu, Mapson said. One viral photo from the festival showed a person’s cheese sandwich with a dressing-less side salad, instead of promised meals from celebrity chefs.

There may even be some tents and mattresses, Mapson said. Hopefully, they aren’t soaking wet like the ones at Fyre Festival. The Legends hope to have a yoga class as fans enter the ballpark.

The Legends even told Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones he could have a villas, which is what the VIP of the festival were promised.

One of the festival workers, Marc Weinstein, was shown in the Netflix documentary sending a lengthy email to organizer Billy McFarland about how he felt Fyre should be canceled because of a mountain of troubles. McFarland responded, “At least they will see your smiling face and yoga skills.”

Co-heading Fyre Festival with McFarland was hip-hop artist Ja Rule, who will actually be in Lexington later this month for “The Real Music Festival” at Rupp Arena. No word on if the Legends will be blasting Ja Rule’s “Livin’ It Up” or “Put It On Me” over the ballpark’s speakers.

“We still have a couple of months to plan, so you never know what else we might come up with,” Mapson said.

The promotional schedule for the Legends has not came out, but Mapson said fans can expect fireworks, $.25 hot dogs, family play time on the field and some bobblehead nights.

“We always have to be aware and actively searching for what’s popular right now and what we can translate to a Legends promotion,” she said. “We have 70 opportunities to wow our fans each season. Whether that’s fireworks, bobbleheads, $1 beer, $.25 hot dogs or Fyre Festival Day, we want people to have fun. As long as our fans leave with a smile on their face, we’ve done our job.”