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Bill Murray spotted at Lexington bars, nearby distillery. Not every fan encounter was positive

If you were enjoying a drink at a Lexington bar Thursday night and thought you saw Bill Murray, you’re not going crazy. Several photos show the famed comedian and actor was indeed in Lexington.

It’s not clear why Murray was in Lexington Thursday, but he’s often known for popping up in random places unannounced.

Murray often frequents Kentucky, as his son is an assistant coach for the University of Louisville men’s basketball team. His sightings in Lexington are rarer.

People spotted him at Bourbon on Rye and Parlay Social Thursday night, as well as Woodford Reserve earlier in the day.

Bourbon on Rye posted photos Friday morning of Murray behind the bar and talking with bartender Christopher Evans. James Bishop posted on Facebook that he saw Murray there.

Just a couple of blocks away, Murray was also spotted at Parlay Social Thursday night. When Joe Dean Hinkle posted on Facebook that he saw the “Stripes” actor, many of his friends didn’t believe him until he posted a picture.

Not all Murray encounters were positive ones, however. Susan Adams also ran into Murray, but said he acted like a “big jerk.”

“He treated people like they were nothing. He stepped all over my feet and didn’t apologize,” Adams posted. “His assistant said don’t take pictures or videos and almost knocked my phone out of my hand.”

Earlier in the day, Dr. Jessica Kress of Commonwealth Smiles saw Murray at Woodford Reserve Distillery. She said Murray was “nice and obviously funny.”

What did Murray eat? According to Samantha Fore, owner of Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan Bites, Murray had some of her fried chicken and biscuits Thursday night.

Three years ago, Murray was in Bardstown for the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, where he joined a band for a song.

Murray made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry last year, and his performance featured a song with John Prine about Kentucky roots.