Fayette County

Ever seen a horse try ASMR? Lexington puts Kentucky spin on viral trend

The Lexington visitors’ bureau wants to whisper in your ear. And if that sounds odd, wait until you hear what the horse does.

VisitLex has released a special video geared to fans of autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR videos. 

Entitled “Neigh-SMR,” the idea is to give would-be visitors a hint at what makes Lexington special, with a few scalp tingles thrown in.

ASMR vids are known to relax people, sometimes even put them to sleep. And many people experience a tingling sensation on their heads, spines and even limbs as the sounds — in this case the munching of carrots, peppermints and an apple by a horse named Hank from the Kentucky Horse Park — move from one ear to the other.


“Experience the sights and sounds of Lexington, Kentucky, the horse capital of the world,” whispers a voice at the end.

So if ASMR is your jam, enjoy.

Hank, the vocal star of the ASMR, needed a little coaching to get things going. The video was released by VisitLex to promote Lexington’s horse culture. And tingle-inducing sounds. Photo provided