Fayette County

Car rides, parks. Dogs at Lexington Humane Society can go out with potential owners, volunteers

A new Lexington Humane Society program could make it easier for dogs to find new families.

The humane society began this spring its Check Me Out Program, which allows members of the community to spend a day with an adoptable dog at no cost. Prospective adopters and volunteers can check out a dog and take it out on the town to get to know the four-legged pal a little better.

Up to eight dogs are available to check out daily and return, said Ashley Hammond, director of fundraising at the humane society. The humane society will provide a tumbler of water, portable water bowl, two leashes, a collar, a treat pouch and treats. The dogs get to wear bandannas.

Since its soft launch earlier this spring, the program has not led directly to any adoptions, but it’s allowed the organization to learn more about the dogs.

“What we’re really looking for with this program is to socialize the animals and make sure they’re comfortable in the community,” Hammond said. “We learn more about the dogs when they’re hanging out with people in the community.”

Downtown Lexington, the Kentucky Horse Park, the Arboretum, and dog-friendly stores are good places to take dogs while they’re checked out, Hammond said.

Dogs eligible for the program must be at least six months of age or older and must play well with children and other animals, according to the humane society.

To check out a dog, a valid ID and a working cell phone are required. The humane society’s website has more information on the program.

Hammond said a lot of volunteers have checked out dogs to help the humane society learn about the canines' traits and characteristics.

“We have been very fortunate to have a wonderful community who want to get the animals out and want to get involved,” she said.