Fayette County

Do you know these suspects? Help Lexington police catch alleged criminals on new website


The Lexington Police Department has launched a new website that will allow the public to view unsolved cases and help identify suspects.

LEXIDme.com, which launched Friday, features surveillance images of unidentified suspects in crimes.. The majority of the cases posted on the website are shoplifting and theft cases, which are the most common criminal activity in Lexington.

Last year, Lexington police had nearly 2,200 shoplifting reports as well as thousands of burglary and larceny cases.

“LexIDme allows residents to see some of the photographic evidence we have for open cases and submit tips directly to the investigating detective,” Chief Lawrence Weathers said in a statement. “Surveillance video alone can only go so far. We need the community’s help to identify the individuals on this site and hold them accountable for the alleged crimes.”

There are currently 21 suspects shown on the LEXIDme website along with their alleged crimes include criminal mischief, theft, shoplifting and burglary. Clicking on an image of a suspect reveals details about the case. People can enter information about the suspect, including a name, location and vehicle details.

All information put on the website can be done so anonymously. You may also call 859-358-3600 to speak with an officer or submit a tip through Bluegrass Crime Stoppers.

The website will be updated frequently, and significant or noteworthy cases will be highlighted on the police department’s social media pages.

“Thanks to tips from the public, detectives have been able to successfully clear cases when surveillance video and images are released on social media and to news outlets,” Weathers said. “The LexIDme website takes the dissemination of that information to a larger scale.”