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‘Gotta go, a car just came through the window.’ Another business hit by car in Lexington block

An SUV crashed into a window of a business in the Woodland area. This is one in several instances of a car crashing into a building on the block.
An SUV crashed into a window of a business in the Woodland area. This is one in several instances of a car crashing into a building on the block. Rebekah Alvey

Maureen Peters with Pearson & Peters architects was talking on the phone and looking out at the street. Moments later, she was trying to avoid broken glass as an SUV came through the window.

Located at the intersection of Kentucky Avenue and High Street, office employees are no stranger to car accidents. Peters said she has seen “dozens” in her time there.

A pickup truck reportedly collided with the back of the SUV, pushing the SUV into the building a witness and driver said. No one was hurt.

Peters said when the car crashed into the window she kept stepping back to avoid the incoming SUV and broken glass. She eventually reached the back wall.

“I was on the phone and I said ‘I gotta go, a car just came through the window of my office,’” Peters said.

Steve Morman, the pickup truck driver, said he was looking in the rear view mirror to watch approaching cars and did not see the stop sign. He said he heard a car honking and collided with the SUV. Morman said he had driven two hours into Lexington for a doctor’s appointment.

In the 35 years the office has been located in the Woodland Triangle that includes portions of Woodland Avenue and Maxwell Street, Peters said she has seen several cars crash into businesses or other cars. She said a car has hit a nearby church, crashed into the porch of High on Art and Coffee, went through a former restaurant building and the window of Shop Local Kentucky.

Over the years, Peters guessed she had seen “dozens” of wrecks on the block.

When an SUV crashed through Pearson & Peters architects on Friday, Maureen Peters said their horse “Penny” was moved and lost a few coins. Rebekah Alvey

Before the space was an architects office, a car had crashed into a different window, Peters said. Additionally, a car ran into the brick wall of the building while she had worked there.

Due to the high rate of accidents in the block, Peters said she and others have tried to get the city to take action. Most recently, she said the city made the intersection one way. Lexington’s traffic engineering officers were not available for comment.

In some accidents, she said high speed was to blame. However, the issues at the corner come from people not understanding the intersection or being unfamiliar with it.

Neighbor, Randy Newman has been in the area for three months. About two months ago, he said he was turning into the parking lot by his office when another driver tried to go around and hit him in the process.

“It does seem like something needs to be looked at,” Newman said.