Fayette County

Equipment failure causes short-term power outage for thousands of Lexington KU customers

At least 6,000 Kentucky Utilities customers temporarily were without power Thursday afternoon in Lexington following equipment failure.

The Lexington Police Department said officers responded to ‘major’ intersections in the Versailles Road area to manually control traffic signals.

Lights were out in areas of downtown Lexington, as well as along Versailles Road toward Cardinal Valley.

Kentucky Utilities’ Daniel Lowry said equipment “gave out,” which knocked out power to three substations. The outage affected more than 6,000 customers, but power was restored to most within an hour. The remaining 700 customers without power were expected to have theirs restored by 2:15 p.m.,Lowry said.

Lowry said there were no indications that power usage driven by warm temperatures played a role in the equipment failure.

Lexington Emergency Management urged drivers to treat malfunctioning traffic lights as four-way stops.