Fayette County

Lexington city leaf collection starts Monday

Question: What is the vacuum leaf collection service?

Answer: City work crews collect leaves that have been raked to the curb. If you receive city trash pickup, you will receive vacuum leaf collection.

Q: When will the service take place?

A: It begins Monday and should be completed by the end of the year.

Q: When will leaves be picked up on my street?

A: The city has been divided into five zones and each zone has been assigned two weeks of leaf pickup, in November and in December. To check when your street will receive leaf pick-up, go to www.lfucg.com/leaf/ or call LexCall at 311 or (859) 425-2255 to speak with someone from the city.

Q: What do I have to do to prepare?

A: Residents need to put leaves in piles between the sidewalk and the curb before the start of the collection week. Do not rake the leaves into the street. Do not rake other objects into the piles such as rocks or tree limbs that could injure crew members or damage the equipment.

Q: What if I really want my leaves removed before my scheduled collection week?

A: If you can't wait for work crews to reach your street, you can put the leaves in the city's Lenny yard waste container or the 30-gallon paper yard waste bags which are available at a number of retail stores. Lexington residents should have received coupons in the mail for to get the yard waste bags. Those who did not receive the coupons, or those who need more, can call LexCall at 311. The Lenny and the yard waste bags should be placed at the curb for pick-up on regularly scheduled trash day. Residents can also take the leaves to the Haley Pike composting facility free of charge.

Q: What happens to the collected leaves?

A: All collected leaves, along with other yard waste collected by the city, are composted to make mulch that is used by local landscapers and nurseries. The city also gives the mulch to Fayette County residents on a quarterly basis.