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Lextran’s new schedule, route changes take effect Jan. 3

James Reynolds of Lextran put up signs last week for new bus stops that will be available Jan. 3. A number of route changes go into effect next week.
James Reynolds of Lextran put up signs last week for new bus stops that will be available Jan. 3. A number of route changes go into effect next week. mcornelison@herald-leader.com

Beginning Jan. 3, Lextran riders will have shorter ride times with expanded service on Sundays.

Lextran General Manager Carrie Butler said the change is a response to rider requests and reflects the agency’s understanding of “how busy folks are and how precious everybody’s time is.”

The “combo routes” that had created lengthy Sunday commutes for passengers are being separated into bidirectional service that mimics the routes passengers are used to on Saturdays.

Riders will notice other changes too.

The green and blue trolley routes are being suspended because of low ridership, and several other bus routes have been revised.

The changes are the result of a year-long process in which a number of public listening sessions were held.

For example, beginning Jan. 4, route 16, which serves the Southland Drive area and Bluegrass Community and Technical College, has been revised to include parts of route 31, the Alexandria Crosstown route, which is being discontinued. The new route 16 will serve the HealthFirst clinic on Southland Drive, as well as UK Healthcare at Turfland Mall. The stop outside the BCTC Academic Technical Building is being moved to University and Cooper drives.

The Emerson Center on Garden Springs Drive will serve as a transfer point between route 16 and route 8, which serves Versailles Road, eliminating the need for passengers coming from Cardinal Valley to transfer downtown.

Route 21, which serves the airport and Keeneland, will now serve all stops along Versailles Road and has been rerouted to serve Oxford Circle, Cambridge Drive and Village Drive. The route will stop serving Beaumont Centre Lane to Man o’ War, Beaumont Centre Circle, Lyon Drive, Fort Harrods Drive and Snaffle Road, but some parts of that area will be served by changes to route 13, the South Broadway route.

When the University of Kentucky starts back for the spring semester, service on route 15, which serves the Red Mile area, is being extended until 10 p.m. to better serve students who are on campus later, Butler said. The route now stops running at 6:30 p.m.

Because of public response, the Lextran board of directors decided not to eliminate or make changes to route 17, the Northside Connector, and route 20, which serves Masterson Station, though the Masterson Station route will have a later departure from the Transit Center as requested by the public.

A recommendation to eliminate the Nicholasville Road Express, route 23, has been delayed.

For a detailed summary of all the changes, visit Lextran.com/blog/2015/12/january-2016-service-changes.