Fayette County

Man arrested for shooting Lexington home

Kevin Blankenship
Kevin Blankenship

Angry with his ex-girlfriend after an argument, a Lexington man fired six rounds at her house, he told police.

Kevin Blankenship, 25, also admitted that he took apart the gun he used and threw the pieces out the car window while driving away, according to court records.

Blakenship’s ex-girlfriend told police that she noticed Blakenship’s car drive past the house on Caddo Lake Court several times Monday night after she argued with him on the phone. Three other people were in the home when the shots were fired, the report stated.

Blankenship admitted to arguing, shooting the home and disassembling the gun when police pulled him over on Winchester Road, police say.

Blankenship pleaded not guilty Tuesday to four charges of wanton endangerment and one charge of tampering with evidence. He is due in court again Jan. 13.

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