Fayette County


Records are gathered from the county clerk’s office and area hospitals. Contact Dorothea Wingo at dwingo@herald-leader.com.

Fayette County

Baptist Health Lexington

Dec. 23: Josh Slone and Heather Laws, Versailles, boy.

Jared Hardin and Hallie Crumbie, Lexington, boy.

Thomas Downer and Stephanie White, Lexington, boy.

Anthony Rios and Erica Bustamante Nagera, Lexington, boy.

Dec. 24: Aaron and Sarah Caudill, Lexington, boy.

Anson and Rosalyn Pelt, Richmond, girl.

Travis and Megan Allen, Salyersville, boy.

Jacob Shirley and Leah Gross, Tompkinsville, boy.

Andrew Stewart and Ashley McQueary, Liberty, boy.

Dec. 25: Reynold and Mary Alcius, Lexington, boy.

Gary and Febbie Kendrick, Lexington, girl.

Micah Dople and Courtney Breeding, Lexington, girl.

Dec. 26: Christopher and Shyanne Wells, Leander, girl.

Daniel Antunez and Karina Mata Aguilar, Lexington, girl.

Chris and Laurie Johnson, Richmond, girl.

Robin Thomas and April Johnson, Lexington, boy.

Eric Vonverde and Lonnica McKinney, Georgetown, boy.

Dec. 27: Jahmal Claxton and Takeisha Harley, Nicholasville, girl.

Jeremy Lamb and Jackie Henard, Richmond, girl.

Javaris Lewis and Ashley Toller, Lexington, girl.

Christopher and Sarah Turpen, Frankfort, girl.

Damani Del Rosario and Sydney McGirr, Lancaster, girl.

Tyler Taylor and Fawn Gilreath, Georgetown, boy.

Dec. 28: Eric and Jennifer Reid, Lexington, boy and girl.

Wade and Melissa Scheidt, Nicholasville, girl.

Jeremiah and Annabelle Zimmer, Nicholasville, girl.

Greg and Ann-Marie McLoney, Nicholasville, boy.

Zachary Brewer and Dana Mackey, Frankfort, girl.

Daniel Chumbley and Mary Trent, Lexington, girl.

Travis Dietz and Jessika Dickerson, Nicholasville, boy.

Johnathan Valentine and Synora Goodridge, Lexington, boy.

Jeffrey Hignite and Jessica Slone, Garner, boy.

Brasley Gill and Heather Treadway, Lexington, boy.

Dec. 29: Matthew and Gina Fales, Lexington, boy.

James and Shannon Rees, Winchester, boy.

Ray J. and Marcie Vaske, Lexington, girl.

Carlie and Hallie Woosley, Georgetown, boy.

Thomas Doty and Emily Craig, Lexington, boy.

Travis and Danielle Stepp, Lexington, girl.

Shawn Dossett and Shannon Boatwright, Winchester, girl.

Derrick and Stacy Gross, Nicholasville, boy.

Logan and Mackenzie Hanes, Frankfort, girl.

Women’s Hospital at St. Joseph East

Dec. 26: Justin and Charlotte Sandlin, Hazard, girl.

Dec. 27: Jacob and Amanda Moore, Lexington, girl.

Teaira White and Darius Waide, Lexington, boy.

Jordan and Nicole Moore, Clay City, boy.

Sara Ramirez and Aaron McCray, Lexington, girl.

Jennifer and Anthony Rios, Lexington, girl.

Dec. 28: Fiston Ndusha and Bahati Kasereka, Lexington, girl.

Andrew and Tia Elam, Lexington, girl.

Adam and Kelsey Scenters, Berea, girl.

Shelly Morris and Robert Austin, Lexington, girl.

Bethany Geers, Richmond, girl.

Dec. 29: Yuvita and Pavan Kurniwan, Richmond, boy.

Heather and Joshua Reed, Richmond, girl.

Sam and Amanda Shephard, Versailles, girl.

Dec. 30: Alesia and Shane Brandenburg, Winchester, boy.

Jaclyn and Kevin Petrey, Richmond, boy.

Lisa Heson, Lexington, boy.

Dec. 31: John Jones and Celisa Martinez, Lexington, boy.

Ryan and Cari Twait, Lexington, boy.

Emily Fitzpatrick, Berea, girl.

Karra and Kevin Merida, Barbourville, girl.

Jan. 1: Brittany Willoughby and Travis Taylor, Winchester, girl.

Ashleigh and Ali Katuzian, Lexington, girl.

Adam and Lynsi Perraut, Paris, girl.

Candice Maldonado, Lexington, girl.

Samantha Hisle and Robert Menefee, Lexington, girl.

Madison County

Baptist Health Richmond

Dec. 22: Ashley McGee, Berea, boy.

Brittany Rogers and Johathon Lynch, Irvine, girl.

Tracey Slusher and Jason Robinson, Orlando, girl.

Dec. 28: Savannah and Nicholas Combs, Richmond, girl.

LaTonya Walker and Prince Robinson, Lexington, boy.

Dec. 29: Tosha Marie Boggs, Berea, boy.

Dec. 30: Jalisa and Joshua Tinker, McKee, boy.

Amber Henrion and Stephen Smith, Booneville, girl.

Kimberly and Bradley Isaacs, Irvine, boy.

Catelyne Whitaker, Richmond, boy.

Dec. 31: Rebecca McMillan and Darious Whitaker, Berea, girl.

Tammy Bustle and Jason Darrell Cash, Broadhead, boy.

Stevie and Drew Oakley, Irvine, girl.

Jan. 1: Rachel and Jason Cain, Richmond, boy.

Jan. 2: Rebecca and James Harrison, Waco, girl.

Jan. 3: Stacey and Michael Clark, Mount Vernon, boy.

Jan. 4: Anita Edmonson and Terry Estes, Irvine, girl.

Saundra and Kristopher Bowman, Clay City, girl.