Fayette County

Mayor: Bears reported at Jacobson Park might have been calves

Herald-Leader Staff Report

The sign at the entrance at Jacobson Park.
The sign at the entrance at Jacobson Park. 2012 Staff file photo

Black angus calves might have been responsible for the unconfirmed reports of bear sightings this week in Jacobson Park, according to Mayor Jim Gray.

Gray tweeted Thursday that a farmer called city officials to say that his calves might explain the reports of bear sightings near the dog park.

Since Tuesday, two reports of bears in the park were made to the city. Both were in the same general area of the park.

Wildlife officials from Frankfort were called in to search the park after the sightings, but they didn’t find any tracks or other indications of bears, according to city spokeswoman Susan Straub. The city had been “erring on the side of caution.”

“The wildlife officials in Frankfort said it would be very unlikely to find bears in the park this far out of their home range, especially two bears together and in the winter,” Straub said Wednesday.