Fayette County


Records are gathered from the county clerk’s office and area hospitals. Contact Dorothea Wingo at dwingo@herald-leader.com.

Fayette County

Baptist Health Lexington

Jan. 14: Matthew and Anu Congleton, Georgetown, girl.

Kyle and Nicole Hargrove, Lexington, girl.

Ryan and Amber Martin, Lexington, boy.

Joshua Norman and Sarah Minor, Georgetown, girl.

Wanda Garner, Nicholasville, girl.

Jan. 15: Chad Southworth and Denise Apodaca, Lexington, boy.

Kyle and Vickie Milian, Lexington, girl.

James and Michelle Leemhuis, Lexington, girl.

Paul and Sarah Kempf, Georgetown, boy.

Brandon and Sarah Halford, Wilmore, girl.

John and Heather Carnes, Dry Ridge, boy.

Daniel Hamm and Alicia Bellamy, Winchester, girl.

Matthew Cabell and Diane Davis, Danville, boy.

Jan. 16: Dan and Katie Rios, Lexington, girl.

Andrew and Katie White, Lexington, boy.

Michael Maggard and Kayleigh Wardle, Paris, girl.

Jan. 17: Jeff and Kaley Bivins, Stanford, girl.

Zach and Shelby Carroll, Georgetown, boy.

Michael and Christa Richardson, Richmond, girl.

Bart Riddle and Crystal Stewart, Frankfort, boy.

Oscar Rojas and Beatris Alfaro, Lexington, boy.

Jan. 18: Steve and Lauren Ashe, Richmond, girl.

Elisha Bush, Lexington, girl.

Joshua and Jessica Griffin, Nicholasville, boy.

Thomas and Sara Merideth, Lexington, girl.

Eliud Contreras Ramirez and Maria Guevara, Georgetown, boy.

Brandon Ashley and Jessica Jones, Lexington, boy.

Joseph Willoughby and Stephanie Yazell, Paris, girl.

Jan. 19: John and Erin Carlson, Frankfort, girl.

Ray and Amanda Aubrey, Cynthiana, girl.

Heath and Ashley Hall, Lexington, girl.

Clay and Hilary Angelucci, Lexington, boy.

Aaron Withrow and Andrea Gibson, Flemingsburg, boy.

Santino Tillman and Cheyenne May, Lexington, boy.

Jan. 20: Matthew and Cicely Brooks, Georgetown, girl.

Amit Kumar and Archana Kumari, Lexington, boy and girl.

Matthew and Ashton Tackett, Lexington, boy.

Casey Cooper and Amber Wilson, Frankfort, girl.

James Martin and Amanda Wright, Mount Sterling, boy.

Michael Wilson and Billie June Carter, Lancaster, girl.

Madison County

Baptist Health Richmond

Jan. 18: Jessica and Jonathan Holliday, Harrodsburg, girl.

Jennifer Gail Roseberry, Berea, girl.

Jan. 20: Taylor and Robert Shane Gegg, Richmond, girl.

Shannon and Robert Price, Booneville, boy.

Shelli Foster and Jordan York, Richmond, girl.

Jan. 21: Kelly and Frank Spencer, Winchester, boy.

Jan. 22: Kristin and Ashdan Abshear, Richmond, girl.

Shontarius Turner and John Evans, Richmond, boy.

Kaylee Farmer and Patrick Phelps, Richmond, girl.

Jan. 24: Melissa and Freddie Perry, Crab Orchard, girl.

Jan. 25: Armencia Hughes and Douglas Moore, Booneville, boy.