Fayette County

Surgery on Sunday cares for 15 patients

On March 20, 60 volunteers, including physicians, surgeons, nurses and administrative staff, volunteered at the monthly Surgery on Sunday. The free surgeries were performed at the Lexington Surgery Center for patients who were unable to pay for outpatient procedures.

The physicians and surgeons included Phil Hall, Greg Marta, Jon Bowen, Paul A. Kearney, K.V. “Tad” Hughes, Trevor Wilkes, David Cowen, Jared Nimtz, J. Martin Favetto, John Stewart, Ross Tekulve and Jennifer Harris.

The surgeries performed included mass excisions, tonsillectomies, rotator cuff repair, gallbladder removal, hernia repair, carpal tunnel release and colonoscopies.

To learn more about Surgery On Sunday or to refer a patient, call Anna Taylor, executive director, at 859-246-0046.