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Lexington firefighters attending heart conference save fellow attendee who had a heart attack

Captain Les Fryman
Captain Les Fryman

Two Lexington firefighters who were attending an American Heart Association training conference in Charleston, W.Va., Monday saved the life of a fellow attendee by performing CPR when the woman had a heart attack at the conference.

Capt. Les Fryman and Firefighter Sean Davenport noticed that the woman, from Louisville, was experiencing a medical emergency during a regional meeting of the American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee, according to a news release from the Lexington Fire Department.

“Because of our CPR training we recognized she wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse,” Fryman said in the release.

He and Davenport began CPR while bystanders retrieved an automatic electronic defibrillator. The Lexington firefighters then deployed the AED on the woman, and she soon regained a strong pulse and began breathing on her own. Fryman said he talked with the woman after the incident.

“This story has a happy ending,” he said. “She was in good spirits and wanted me to share this story as a way to encourage others to learn CPR.”

The fire department says 38 people die every hour from sudden cardiac arrest nationwide. Most of those medical emergencies happen at home, so knowing CPR could help save the life of a family member.

The Lexington Fire Department urges people to take advantage of its free CPR training classes. The hands-only technique taught at the classes takes just two minutes to learn. For more information, call (859)231-5662 or email lfd-communityservices@lexingtonky.gov.

Hands-only CPR classes and training on how to use an AED will be part of a free event for kids and their families from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 8 at the Gattitown parking lot, 2524 Nicholasville Road, Lexington. The Lexington Fire Department, which is hosting the event, will also offer the children fire safety tips and live demonstrations.