Fayette County

Man rescued from hole behind Fayette Circuit Court building

Lexington firefighters on Saturday rescued a man who had fallen into a hole off East Short Street behind the Fayette Circuit Court building.

Someone heard the man yelling for help from the bottom of the 15-foot-deep hole, so police and firefighters were dispatched shortly before 5:30 p.m., police Commander Brian Maynard said.

“He had fallen down in the hole and was unable to get himself out of it,” Maynard said. “There was a void there between the buildings and he had gotten down inside there.”

Firefighters put a ladder down into the hole so the man could climb out. He was out by 6 p.m.

The man, who was in his mid-20s, suffered a minor injury to his wrist and was taken to a local hospital to make sure it wasn’t broken, Maynard said.