Fayette County

Community activist Don Pratt recovering from surgery after scooter crash

Local political activist Don Pratt’s family said he’s in good spirits as he recovers from being hit by a car last Friday while riding his scooter.

Pratt had surgery Wednesday morning at University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital and “is now the proud owner of two plates and 8 bolts in his hip,” said Carrie Pratt, his daughter. He had suffered pelvic fractures and injuries to his knee.

Because of low hemoglobin, Don Pratt was given a blood transfusion during the two-hour surgery Wednesday morning, Carrie Pratt said. He has donated about 29 gallons of blood platelets in his lifetime, and his family joked he would now be getting a tiny bit of that back, she said.

The crash occurred about 3 p.m. Friday, when a man in a car made a sudden left turn on Richmond Road and struck Pratt’s scooter, according to the police report.

Don Pratt used to own the popular Woodland Grocery, and his daughter said the steady stream of visitors made it seem as if he’d moved his business to the hospital.