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Elaborate 'Christmas house' display returns to Chinoe Road

Ron Turner said the Christmas display at his home on Chinoe Road will return this year, now that he and his wife have returned to the house.
Ron Turner said the Christmas display at his home on Chinoe Road will return this year, now that he and his wife have returned to the house. Lexington Herald-Leader

For years, Ron and Linda Turner lit up their big white house at 1008 Chinoe Road for Christmas in such an elaborate display that drivers would pull over to stare and children would stroll in wonder up and down their driveway.

When the Turners moved to Frankfort three years ago, they shifted the display to The Signature Club on Lansdowne, which Turner and his son, Troy, built.

But now, Ron said, he and his wife have traded houses with the people who bought their house on Chinoe three years ago. That couple moved into the Frankfort house, Turner said, and he and Linda moved back to Chinoe two months ago.

"We've been asked by a lot of people if we're going to relight the 'Christmas house,'" Turner said.

They most certainly are.

Turner said they love "lighting up the spirit of Christmas" for the community.

"We've enjoyed people stopping by," he said, adding that he and his wife host children from the Salvation Army and other organizations during the holidays.

The outsize display won't be quite as big this year as it was before the move, Turner said, but it's going to be big.

"We're excited to have it back," he said. "We're going to be close to what we used to have."

What they "used to have" included 55,000 lights, 20 floodlights highlighting the home, big candy canes, angels, wreaths, giant toy soldiers, a Nativity scene and a large model Santa Claus, complete with a sleigh and reindeer.

Turner, founder of the engineering and electrical contracting company Amteck of Kentucky, said some of the items were destroyed by years in storage, and he has had to rewire everything. This time, all the lights will be LEDs, and many will be permanent, so he doesn't have to put them up every year.

"It's an extreme makeover," Turner said — one that required a team of eight people, bucket trucks and weeks of work to pull off.

The Turners had a long-standing tradition of turning on the lights on the evening of Thanksgiving, but Turner said the rainy weather put him behind this year.

"I'm going to be about a week later than I anticipated," he said.

The one big concern the Turners have is safety. Ron Turner said children are welcome to come into the driveway, but parents should be vigilant.

He said kids sometimes hop out of cars that park across the street to look at the house, and he's worried that a passing motorist distracted by all the lights might not see a child if he or she darts across the road.

Turner said he and his wife liked their house and neighborhood in Frankfort, but it was never home to them like the house they built on Chinoe.

"We may have left the house, but our hearts never left there," he said.

Besides, he said, their 11 grandchildren are in Lexington.

"I may even have Christmas in July this year," Turner said. "It's fun."

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