Jessamine County

Watch Jessamine Co. deputy retire with an emotional last radio call

After 30 years, a Jessamine County deputy retired with an emotional last shift.

In 1989, Allen “Doodle” Peel began working for the Jessamine County sheriff’s department. In 2007, he became chief deputy and has served since then.

On Tuesday, the now retired officer finished up his last shift with a video that was posted to Facebook expressing his gratitude for his time there. As of Thursday, the video has been viewed more than 103,000 times.

“You know, I started my career in January of 1989,” Peel said in the video. “And on July 30, 2019, I’m going 10-7 for the final time.”

To go 10-7 over a police scanner means to go “out of service.”

In the video, the dispatcher thanks Peel for his service and dedication he gave Jessamine County for the last 30 years, and wishes him luck “on all of his future endeavors.”

Peel advises that all the deputies listening treat the tax payers of Jessamine County with “honor and respect.”

“That’s who you work for,” Peel said. “...Your main goal is to go home to your families every night. God bless you all.”