Madison County

Nude, intoxicated Kentucky man ‘afraid worms were coming from his genitals,’ police say

A Madison County man was arrested Wednesday after a neighbor complained that he was naked in his yard.

When a Berea Police Department officer arrived at the Blythe Court apartment, 24-year-old Billy Hisle was found “completely nude,” in the neighbor’s backyard, according to court records. The neighbor claimed Hisle was standing on his porch, screaming and beating on the door, as well as jumping in the bed of his truck all without his shorts on, an arrest citation states.

The officer asked Hisle to walk around the front of the home to put his shorts on, but Hisle said he was scared and could not walk on the grass, court records show.

“While trying to put on his shorts, he did not want to because he was afraid worms were coming from his genitals,” the arrest citation states.

Hisle was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech. Police also say he was hallucinating and was seeing things in front of him that were not there, indicating people “were after him.”

Several neighbors were outside during the incident, as well as the caller’s juvenile children, police said.

Hisle was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct, first-degree indecent exposure and public intoxication of a controlled substance. He has been placed in the Madison County Detention Center.