Note to thieves: Don’t push shopping cart full of stolen TVs down Ashland Avenue

Gaspar Asbury
Gaspar Asbury

Sometimes suspects just make it easier for police to do their jobs.

Take, for example, the two people walking down Lexington’s Ashland Avenue Thursday night with a shopping cart full of flat-screen televisions, Bose speakers, and several bottles of liquor.


Someone saw the two pushing the cart with four 42-inch TVs near the intersection of East High Street and reported it to police. Further investigation revealed the two had stolen the items from the closed Rincon Mexicano Restaurant at 818 Euclid Avenue, police said in a release.

“We’re thankful a person noticed the shopping cart being pushed down the street and called police and we were able to respond quickly and put together very quickly that the people stole the items from the restaurant,” said Lexington police spokeswoman Brenna Angel.

The owner of the restaurant, which had been closed since last summer, identified the property, Angel said.

Gaspar Asbury, 40, and Robin Carter, 52, were charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools.

In addition, Asubry was also served two outstanding warrants for shoplifting, and Carter was served with another warrant for shoplifting.

The two were lodged in the Fayette County jail.