Man sentenced to 28 years for fentanyl sale that led to overdose

The leader of a drug conspiracy in Versailles was sentenced Wednesday to 28 years in federal prison for distributing fentanyl that resulted in the overdose death of a Woodford County woman.

Luis Aguirre-Jerardo, 29, of Versailles admitted he sold a pill in 2015 to drug dealer Gill Dewayne Garrett of Lexington, who in turn sold it to Versailles resident Jolene Bowman.

Bowman, 37, died after injecting the pill in a bathroom stall of the business where she worked.

Aguirre marked the pill to look like oxycodone, a much-prescribed painkiller.

However, it contained fentanyl, which is 40 to 50 times as strong as street-level heroin. Bowman did not know the strength of the drug she was getting, said her sister, Jennifer Powell, in a news conference last year.

Garrett is serving a 20 year sentence. Aguirre-Jerardo pleaded guilty last year.

Under federal law, Aguirre-Jerardo must serve 85 percent of his prison sentence. Upon his release, he will be under the supervision of the U.S. Probation Office for 10 years.