Fayette Mall customers robbed with firearms in afternoon heist

Herald - Leader

Lexington police are investigating after an armed robbery at a Fayette Mall store Thursday afternoon.

Officers were called to Vengeance, a store near the entrance next to Dick’s Sporting Goods, at 12:52 p.m. after five to six men entered with firearms, Lt. Jackie Newman said. The men allegedly approached two other men and took their purchases. No injuries were reported.

The suspects left through an entrance by Dick’s, and the two men who were robbed were gone by the time officers arrived, Newman said. Since the victims have not talked to police, it is unclear if the suspects and victims knew each other, she said. The robbery was reported by a witness and a store clerk.

Investigators did not yet have any information about a suspect vehicle or detailed descriptions of the armed men, Newman said. They are working with mall officials to obtain video and other evidence to learn more.

It is unusual for something like this to happen at the mall in the middle of the day, Newman said.

Until more is learned about the circumstances surrounding the robbery, there are no plans to increase police patrols in the area, Newman said. .

In July, one person was injured in a July 22 shooting in the Fayette Mall parking lot. Multiple vehicles were struck by bullets.

A 24-year-old male victim was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle after the July shooting. The victim was walking in the parking lot when a dark colored passenger car pulled up near him. A man inside starting firing a weapon.