Kentucky woman accused of ramming husband’s car, slapping and kicking deputy jailer

Deidre Morgan May
Deidre Morgan May Laurel County Detention Center

A Laurel County woman is facing multiple charges after she allegedly rammed her husbands vehicle with her car and slapped a deputy jailer, according to the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office.

Deidre Morgan May, 53, is charged with wanton endangerment, fourth degree assault, third degree assault, resisting arrest and driving under the influence, according to jail records.

The investigation started when a man called for help just before 1 a.m. Monday, saying his wife was ramming his vehicle with her vehicle at the entrance of Wyan Pine Elementary School, according to court documents. Sheriff’s deputies reported that when they arrived at the scene, May was sitting in the driver’s seat of her vehicle and had the vehicle in drive.

Deputies repeatedly asked May to put the vehicle in park and step outside, but she initially refused, according to court documents. When she did exit the vehicle, May was “unsteady on her feet and had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage about her person,” the arresting deputy wrote in her arrest citation.

When May was told she was being arrested, she reportedly pulled away from deputies and began yelling and screaming, according to court documents.

May’s husband told deputies that the incident started at the couple’s home. He said he’d gone to bed and that May “got mad and began to smack him and throw things at him and was breaking things in the house,” according to her arrest citation.

When he decided to leave, May’s husband said she followed him to the school, according to court documents. When deputies arrived, the front of May’s vehicle and the back of her husband’s vehicle were damaged.

Once at the Laurel County jail, May slapped and kicked a deputy jailer, according to her arrest citation. Jail staff reportedly had to pepper-spray May multiple times to subdue her.

May is being held in the Laurel County jail on a $20,000 bond.