Ballistics evidence ties former Lexington man to death of neighbor in Austin, shooting spree

Charles W. Curry Jr.
Charles W. Curry Jr. WKYT

Ballistics evidence ties former Lexington resident Charles W. Curry Jr. to the killing of his Austin, Texas, neighbor two days earlier, a Texas newspaper reported.

Curry, 29, was charged Friday with murder in the death of his neighbor, Christian M. Meroney, 32. Curry was already charged in connection with a shooting spree that injured two last week.

The Statesman newspaper in Austin reported that an arrest affidavit says a weapon recovered from Curry’s vehicle is tied to Meroney’s killing in addition to the shootings. Curry’s bail was increased to $3.25 million, the newspaper reported.

On July 9, Austin police responded to reports of a shooting at the Post South Lamar apartments in South Austin. They found Meroney with traumatic injuries, including a gunshot wound. Meroney died on the scene from his injuries, police said.

Two days after Meroney’s death, police say Curry went to a shooting range in South Austin to buy a gun suppressor and was asked to leave by a sales clerk because he was “acting crazy,” The Statesman reported.

Curry then went on a shooting rampage, firing randomly into vehicles and injuring two women, court documents cited by The Statesman say. Both women are expected to recover.

Curry was taken into custody last week at the Post South Lamar as he was trying to get into the apartment complex.

A ballistics analysis by Austin police linked a Sig Sauer pistol found in Curry’s SUV to a fired cartridge case and a projectile found at Meroney’s apartment, according to the arrest affidavit cited by the newspaper.

Curry, who attended Henry Clay High School, worked at Merrill Lynch and J.P. Morgan in Lexington before moving to Austin. There he worked in the Texas Senate, a political campaign and a private consulting firm.

KXAN in Texas reported that Curry had employment troubles since 2017. He was fired from a legislative job in 2017. He told a consulting firm he had a medical issue and disappeared for two weeks from a job he was trying to earn in September 2017, KXAN reported. He was ultimately let go. He was fired from another firm working on a lawmaker’s campaign.

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