Police arrest two, recover weapons after stalemate shuts down part of New Circle Road

A portion of New Circle Road was closed for about half an hour Monday night after police pulled over a person who matched the description of someone wanted on felony charges.

After detectives identified the suspect, officers attempted to stop the vehicle on the inner loop of New Circle Road between Alumni Drive and Tates Creek Road, police Lt. Brian Peterson said. There were three people inside the vehicle and initially refused to get out, he said.

In cases involving the types of felony charges the suspect was facing, police do not approach vehicles and instead tell suspects to get out of the vehicle, Peterson said. When the people inside the car did not get out, officers shut down all lanes of the inner loop at 9:06 p.m. as a precaution.

The people inside the car did exit the vehicle after about 20 minutes and no one was injured. Several firearms were retrieved from the vehicle, Peterson said.

Two people in the vehicle were arrested on warrants, Peterson said. Their names and charges have not yet been released.

“We’re just happy that everybody came out peacefully,” Peterson said.

One lane of the inner loop was opened back up at about 9:35 p.m. and the road was completely reopened a short while after that.

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