Knife poked out of teen’s coat, 9 more were ‘strapped to his body’, Indiana police say

Thomas Owens
Thomas Owens

An Indiana teenager was charged Wednesday after he was found at a high school with “ten knives strapped to his body,” according to media reports.

About 3:20 p.m. Wednesday, officers were alerted to a possible trespasser roaming the halls at Muncie’s Central High School, FOX 59 reported.

When police arrived just after school was dismissed, officers found the teen outside the school with a “knife sheath sticking out” from his coat, according to an affidavit obtained by the Muncie Star Press.

The teen, identified as 18-year-old Thomas Owens, was handcuffed. Ten knives were found “strapped to his body in different positions,” the Star Press reported. Police said they do not believe Owens intended to hurt anyone, multiple media reported.

Owens, who told police he always carries knives, was looking for someone in the school, according to RTV 6. When Owens did not find his friend, he began “wandering the halls,” the Star Press reported.

His mother confirmed Owens carried knives and was at the school looking for a friend, according to FOX 59.

FOX 59 said Owens was not a student at the school and hadn’t been a student in the school district for a few years.

Owens was charged with trespassing and 10 counts of possession of a knife on school property, according to jail records. He was jailed on a $12,500 bond. The trespassing charge is a Class A misdemeanor carrying as much as a year in jail, while the knife charges are Class B misdemeanors that each carry 180-day jail sentences, the Star Press reported.

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