‘I’ll snap.’ Kentucky woman’s texts, threat in court put her in jail, police say

Christy Deaton
Christy Deaton

Overcoming the evidence in her case may be extra challenging for a woman after she threatened a witness in person during a court hearing and by text before the proceeding, authorities say.

A woman subpoenaed to Laurel County Family Court as an official witness in a custody hearing claimed Christy Deaton, 34, made the threats to try to keep her from testifying.

While Brittany Sears was leaving family court Wednesday, Deaton yelled she would “kill her,” according to court documents. Sears later showed the sheriff’s office various text messages — filled with threats and profanities — that Deaton allegedly had sent her.

“I’ll snap like you have never seen before,” a text message from Deaton to Sears read, according to court documents. “Stay out of court talking (expletive) about me or my husband.”

“If I was a low life I would f*** your life up” another text read.

After her arrest, Deaton admitted to sending Sears the text messages , according to her arrest citation.

Deaton was charged with witness tampering and terroristic threatening, according to jail records. She has been jailed in the Laurel County Detention Center.