Kentucky middle school teacher accused of telling student she’ll cut off his penis

A former Anderson County Middle School teacher is accused of threatening to physically harm a student on the last day of school..

According to a criminal complaint, Chrystal Graham, then a seventh-grade teacher at the middle school, was participating in a kickball game May 22, 2017 — the last day of the 2016-17 term — with students when the alleged threat occurred.

One of the students jumped on another student’s back while joking around, and at least one student allegedly heard Graham tell the student to get off her player “or I’ll cut your dick off and shove it down your throat,” according to court documents.

The witness was later on first base when Graham allegedly looked at her, flipped her off with both middle fingers and said this is “horseshit,” according to the complaint.

Graham later was having a huddle with her players when she stated, “On three, kick Durbin’s ass,” referring to another teacher, Mrs. Durbin.

“All of these actions took place in the company of several juvenile students and school staff during a public school function, causing a physically offensive condition serving no legitimate purpose,” the complaint alleges.

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The summons for Graham’s arrest was not signed until May 18, 2018, nearly a year later, according to court documents. She was charged March 12 of this year by the Taylor County sheriff’s department. In court documents, there was not an explanation for the delay.

According to The Anderson News, Graham had already informed the school district at the time of the incident she was leaving to become a teacher at Campbellsville University. She no longer works at the university, the Anderson News reported.

Graham was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct, to which she pleaded not guilty. She is due back in court on May 9.