‘God told her to start the fire.’ Kentucky woman sets neighbor’s house ablaze, police say

A Frankfort woman was charged Sunday after allegedly destroying a home by fire, police and court records said.

Following the fire at the Dabney Street home Sunday afternoon, police found Penny Lineweaver, 35, walking away from the area, according to an arrest citation. Lineweaver admitted to setting the house on fire by lighting clothes and a chair on fire with a lighter, police said.

Lineweaver was in possession of the lighter when she was confronted by police, her arrest citation said.

She was taken to the Frankfort police station, where she told police she had planned on starting the fire earlier in the morning, police said.

“After a few minutes of consideration, (Lineweaver) stated that God told her to start the fire,” according to her arrest citation.

She said that after starting the fire in the home, she exited through the back door and started a fire in the shed, according to police.

The house where Lineweaver allegedly started the fire is around the corner, about eight houses down, from her own home on Wilson Street.

Lineweaver has been charged with arson and placed in the Franklin County Detention Center.