Kentucky woman met man on a Tinder date. It was a set up for a crime, police say.

Police arrested two men and a juvenile after a Tinder date in Bowling Green was allegedly used to rob a woman.

The woman told police she was pistol-whipped by one of the suspects, who were all caught about 12 hours after the alleged robbery.

Police say the woman met Kenan Husic, 21, at Bowling Green’s Lampkin Park about noon Thursday. Husic got in the woman’s car to socialize, according to an arrest citation.

Another vehicle pulled up beside the woman’s vehicle and two people got out. One of the subjects tapped a handgun on the window, opened the door and stole the woman’s purse, phone and Husic’s phone, police said.

The woman fought to keep her purse and was ultimately knocked to the ground, police said. She told police she was struck in the head with a handgun.

Husic stayed for a short time before telling the woman he was going to his brother’s residence to call police, according to an arrest citation.

Officers found Husic’s vehicle later that day, and a handgun and purse were visible, according to an arrest citation. After a search warrant was obtained, police found the purse to be the woman’s and the handgun to be a carbon dioxide-powered gun, police said.

A 17-year-old juvenile came to the police station later in the day and admitted he was the driver of the car in the robbery, according to police. The juvenile stated Husic set up the robbery by meeting the woman on Tinder and that Husic planned to act like he was also a victim, an arrest citation states.

The juvenile said 18-year-old Admir Becirovic was the other suspect who was the passenger inside the car, police said. Police found Becirovic at his residence, and he admitted to the same facts as the juvenile, his arrest citation states.

Husic was found at his home and initially said he was simply a robbery victim, police said. Later, he said he knew of the robbery plan, police said.

Husic claimed he did not think Becirovic and the juvenile would rob the woman while he was in the car with her, but he knew of their ultimate goal, according to an arrest citation.

Snapchat correspondence between Husic and the other two subjects was deleted by Husic, he told police.

Becirovic and Husic were each charged with first-degree robbery and Husic was also charged with evidence tampering. They were placed in the Warren County Detention Center. It’s not clear what charges the juvenile faces.

The woman was treated for a head injury at a nearby hospital.