Two accused of kicking in doors to Lexington homes, stealing and pawning off jewelry

A man and woman are accused of riding around south Lexington on a motorcycle, kicking in doors and making off with stolen jewelry from multiple homes, according to court records.

Danny Lee Staton, 29, and Nacole Marie Floyd, 35, both of Owingsville in Bath County, are each facing three counts of second-degree burglary and three counts of criminal mischief, according to court records. They were indicted on the charges this week.

Lexington police were called to four reported burglaries in Lexington on the morning of May 23, according to court records. The burglaries were clustered along Richmond Road and Athens Boonesboro Road near I-75. That morning, a witness reported seeing a man and a woman in the area on a loud motorcycle.

Investigators began to suspect Staton and Floyd after jewelry matching the items stolen during the burglaries was sold at Richmond Pawn and The Castle in Madison County, according to court records.

Staton admitted to one of the reported burglaries but said he didn’t have any memory of the others because he’d used narcotics, according to court records.

Floyd told investigators the jewelry she’d sold in Richmond had come from multiple burglaries, according to court records. Staton would kick in the door of a home during each theft, and the two of them would search the house for jewelry, she said.

At one of the houses broken into, investigators found blood on a storm door and on a wall, according to court records. Swabs of the blood were sent for testing. Floyd told investigators that at some point during the burglaries, she noticed that Staton’s hand was bleeding.

Floyd’s fingerprints were also found on a checkbook box in one of the houses that had been burglarized, according to court records.

At one of the burglaries, a “heavy silver Hermes necklace” and a matching bracelet were taken, according to court records. Staton and Floyd told investigators they’d dropped the bracelet near where Richmond Road turns into Athens Boonesboro Road as they rode away on their motorcycle. Police were able to find the bracelet on the road exactly where the two said they had dropped it.

Floyd is also charged in burglaries in Montgomery, Powell and Bourbon counties, according to court records. Staton is charged in burglaries in Montgomery and Powell counties.

Staton and Floyd are both being held in the Fayette County jail.