‘Exploiting other women’s addictions.’ Two charged with promoting prostitution in Lexington

Two people are being accused of exploiting women’s addictions after an investigation uncovered hundreds of commercial sex advertisements, according to court records.

Amanda M. Abshear, 27, and Andre T. Hillard, 37, have each been indicted on a charge of promoting prostitution, a Class D felony, according to court records. If convicted, Class D felonies are punishable by one to five years in prison.

Abshear is accused of profiting off of and advancing the prostitution of eight other women, six of whom have been identified by investigators, according to court records.

Hillard is accused of promoting the prostitution of four women since he started working with Abshear, according to court records.

Det. Ricky Lynn wrote in a criminal complaint against Abshear and Hillard that the pair “are exploiting other women’s addictions for their own gain.” Lynn is an investigator with the Kentucky Attorney General’s office.

Two women who are related to Abshear were among the women who were exploited by Abshear and Hillard, according to court records.

While investigating Abshear and Hillard, a detective found more than 1,000 commercial sex advertisements on at least four websites, according to court records. The advertisements went back as far as April 2017.

The nine most recent ads included pictures of the women and had prices for “a quick visit,” half hour and hour long visits, according to court records.

Investigators did not find any evidence that the women were forced, defrauded or coerced into prostitution, so Abshear and Hillard were not charged with human trafficking, according to court records.

Abshear and Hillard are accused of using money from the prostitution of the women to pay for hotel rooms and buy drugs, according to court records.

Abshear and Hillard were released from jail on bond. They’re both scheduled to be arraigned in Fayette County Circuit Court on Oct. 4.