Details revealed explaining Manchester doctor's child porn charges

A Manchester doctor accused of producing child pornography allegedly paid girls to masturbate while he videotaped them with an iPhone, according to a sworn statement filed in his court case.

Kishore Kumar Jadhav faces federal charges of producing and possessing child pornography.

The FBI and state police began investigating him in March after receiving a complaint that Jadhav had paid two girls to take a survey at his office that included examining and photographing their genitals, FBI agent Kimberly Kidd said in a sworn statement.

The girls and their ages were blocked out of the statement, which was unsealed Monday and provided new details on the allegations against the doctor.

Both girls told police that Jadhav had them undress then placed his hands on their breasts and their genitals, then gave them a vibrator and told them to use it while he took measurements, according to the affidavit.

Jadhav allegedly recorded video images of the girls with an iPhone and paid the girls $200 each, according to Kidd's statement.

Authorities did not find video images that appeared to be of the two girls on the phone seized from Jadhav during an April 3 search, according to the statement. However, they did find images of a third girl using a vibrator, according to the affidavit.

Kidd said the third girl told police that Jadhav had asked her to take part in a medical study on a female's ability to have an orgasm. The girl said Jadhav told her that several of his patients were taking part in the study, and that it was for teen girls.

The girl said that after an initial session that included only questions and basic screening activities such as taking her blood pressure, she wanted to get out of the study. However, she said Jadhav told her both of them and others could get sued if she dropped out, so she agreed to take part in another session at the doctor's home in London.

The girl said that while Jadhav's children played outside, the doctor touched her genitals and then gave her a vibrator to use, according to Kidd's statement.

The girl said she kept her eyes closed most of the time.

Jadhav later came to her home for another session and used an iPhone to record video of her, the girl said.

The doctor paid her $500, the girl said, according to Kidd's statement.

Jadhav, an internal medicine specialist, has been in custody since he was arrested last month.

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