Man charged in alleged Cynthiana plot to hurt, kill youth

A Maysville man has been charged with taking money to beat or kill a juvenile in Cynthiana, according to an arrest citation.

Robert T. Webber, 19, was arrested by Cynthiana police late Tuesday at Flat Run Veterans Park.

An arrest citation says Webber and a juvenile were approached Sunday night at a convenience store in Cynthiana by second juvenile who offered them $80 to beat a third juvenile, or $125 “if they slit his throat.”

Webber showed the butt of a pistol to the juvenile who was offering money and stated “that he would take care of it.” Webber and the juvenile shook hands and parted ways.

Then, on at least two occasions, Webber tried to find the targeted juvenile “but no one would tell him (that person’s whereabouts) because they knew why he was asking,” the citation says.

When Webber was taken into custody he had a knife in his pocket with a 3-inch blade.

The citation and the jail website said Webber is charged with murder, even though the alleged for-hire plot did not come to fruition.