Mother accused of drugging newborn

Chasity Lewis is accused of giving her newborn baby suboxone.
Chasity Lewis is accused of giving her newborn baby suboxone.

A Montgomery County mother has been arrested on charges of giving her newborn baby suboxone.

Chasity Lewis, 29, of Mount Sterling, crushed a suboxone pill and rolled the 5-day-old infant’s pacifier in it, said Montgomery County Sheriff Fred Shortridge.

Lewis was arrested Friday. The sheriff’s office was first notified about the case Nov. 21, Shortridge said.

He said the baby is still in the neonatal intensive care unit at Kentucky Children’s Hospital at the University of Kentucky.

Shortridge said Lewis had been taking the drug, which is often used to treat opiate addiction, during pregnancy.

“The baby obviously had some withdrawals or some issues because of the medicine that the mother was taking,” he said.

Shortridge said the baby was taken to an emergency room after Lewis’ mother came to visit and “saw there was a concern with the child,” who slept for 12 to 14 hours after being given the drug.

He said social services workers were called and after that the sheriff’s office became involved.

“There was other options,” Shortridge said of Lewis’ behavior. “She just made a bad choice.”

Lewis was being held Tuesday night in the Montgomery County Regional Jail on charges of first-degree criminal abuse and failure to appear.