Detective: Lexington teen killed during deal for small amount of marijuana

Terry Lavaughn Farrell.
Terry Lavaughn Farrell. Fayette County jail

AFayette County district judge found probable cause Friday morning to continue murder and robbery charges against the man accused of killing of Jamaal Tre Gossett.

Gossett, 18, was found dead of a gunshot wound Nov. 22 in an SUV on Kent Drive near Cabot Drive.

At a preliminary hearing Friday, District Judge Julie Muth-Goodman moved the case of Terry Lavaughn Farrell, 22, to a grand jury.

Lexington police detective Reid Bowles testified Friday that a man had called Gossett on Nov. 22 to set up a place to buy a small amount of marijuana.

Gossett and a “known witness” were waiting in a SUV at the spot picked by the caller, near Kent and Cabot drives, when two other men got in the vehicle.

Both men sat in the back of the SUV, directly behind Gossett and the witness, Bowles testified.

Bowles testified that the man sitting behind Gossett was Farrell.

Gossett was selling the marijuana when the two men in back pulled out handguns and demanded the money and the marijuana, Bowles testified.

Bowles testified that Farrell then fired his gun once, hitting Gossett.

An “unknown witness” fired at Farrell as he fled, Bowles testified. No shell casings were found outside the vehicle.

The phone number of the person who set the meeting place is registered to Farrell, Bowles testified.

The same phone was active in the immediate area of Kent and Cabot drives at the time Gossett was shot, Bowles testified.

Several 911 calls reported shots fired and a person down, and when police arrived, Gossett was dead, Bowles testified.

Detectives are waiting on ballistic, biological and physical evidence to be tested at the Kentucky State Police laboratory, Bowles testified.