Man shot during attempted robbery in Frankfort

A man was shot twice early Tuesday during an attempted robbery in Frankfort.

Camden Bell, 27, was sitting in his car on Landings Drive when a man opened his car door, pointed a gun at him and demanded cash, Frankfort police Maj. Rob Warfel said.

Bell got out of the car and ran, and the robber fired at him, Warfel said. Bell was shot in the arm and in the back.

The robber ran and did not get away with anything, Warfel said.

Bell’s injuries weren’t life threatening; he was treated at Frankfort Regional Medical Center, Warfel said.

Bell has faced several drug charges in the past, Warfel said.

The robber is being described as tall and thin, Warfel said. He had something covering his face, so the victim could not give a better description.

The investigation into the robbery will continue.