Counterfeit money passed by three suspects; Nicholasville police seek help locating them

Nicholasville police want help from the public in finding three suspects wanted for allegedly passing counterfeit money in the Jessamine County area.

Police say Lloyd E. Welch has presented counterfeit money to merchants in Nicholasville. Welch, whose last known address is in Nicholasville, has a tattoo of a dollar sign under his right eye. He currently has several warrants on file in Jessamine County. Anyone with any information on Welch should call Nicholasville police at (859) 885-9467.

Police are also trying to identify two others who passed counterfeit bills to businesses in Nicholasville and Fayette County. The two have passed several hundred dollars in bills to several businesses over the past few weeks.

Businesses should be diligent in checking for counterfeit bills. The suspects have targeted places that are busy. The suspects also appear to be aware that during some peak times some bills aren’t checked.

Some bills presented to merchants are making their way back into public hands, and citizens are unaware that they have received fake money until they go to use it somewhere else.