'Troubling, selfish and egregious.' School finances investigated; official departs.

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Kentucky State Police are investigating the finances of the Fleming County School district, Superintendent Brian Creasman said in a statement Friday.

In a letter to people in Fleming County that Creasman shared with the Herald-Leader, he said that he and Monica Hill, the Board Attorney, were reviewing a situation regarding a district employee.

“Once we were made aware of the situation, we immediately began to investigate to determine the facts. This is an ongoing review; however, as of right now we have discovered irregularities that are troubling, selfish, and egregious,” Creasman said.

The Maysville Ledger Independent reported that Detective Brian Cooper confirmed the investigation. On Friday, Cooper declined to comment to the Herald-Leader.

Creasman said that former Director of Districtwide Operations and Finance Greg Conway was no longer with the district. He did not elaborate. The Ledger Independent said efforts to contact Conway by phone or social media had been unsuccessful.

“We are entrusted with public funds and must work each day to make sure that those funds help all students to meet their goals, not our personal goals. We must always remember these are not our funds but funds to be used to help educate our students and grow the community,” Creasman said.

Creasman said due to the severity of the irregularities district officials discovered up to this point, they turned the investigation over to the Kentucky State Police. “We are continuing our investigation using a third party financial consultant to assist in identifying further irregularities and help in implementing additional safeguards,” he said.

Creasman said he could not provide too much detail because of the investigation.

Creasman said the problem was with one person, not the district.

“I apologize for what has occurred but know this; I expect this individual to be held accountable,” Creasman said.