This UK fraternity just got suspended from campus for one year. Here’s why.

The Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of Kentucky has been suspended from campus for one year after members admitted that a pledge class violated rules on alcohol and marijuana, according to documents related to the case.

According to a July 26 letter from the Office of Student Conduct, the fraternity in May accepted responsibility for misuse of alcohol, misuse of marijuana, and “unapproved possession of property” that was allegedly taken off the street.

The letter was obtained by the Herald-Leader under the state Open Records Act.

These violations were made by the pledge class, although the chapter president took responsibility, the letter said. In addition, social media showed a Sigma Chi member holding a bottle of alcohol at Keeneland. The fraternity’s website lists Burke Moore as its president.

“Based on the acceptance of responsibility, and Sigma Chi’s student conduct history,” UK officials recommended a restorative action plan, which Sigma Chi rejected. This led to a formal hearing process, which resulted in the suspension.

The Office of Student Conduct website noted previous disciplinary actions against the chapter for alcohol and hazing violations last year, but it’s not clear if they are related to these charges.

UK Spokesman Jay Blanton confirmed the suspension, but declined further comment. Moore did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Sigma Chi is located at Pennsylvania and Columbia Avenues on the UK campus.