Former student body president files lawsuit against Kentucky university

A former student body president from Western Kentucky University has filed a lawsuit alleging the university and its leaders did not do enough to stop other students from harassing her.

WKU President Timothy Caboni, Title IX coordinator Andrea Anderson and student activities director Charley Pride are all named as defendants in the lawsuit filed by Loandria “Andi” Dahmer, according to federal court records.

A story published in April by the WKU student newspaper, the College Heights Herald, detailed Dahmer’s allegations of harassment that left her fearing for her safety. She told the newspaper that a group of students had wished her harm in a group message and that she had been cursed at by other students in her office.

The lawsuit repeats several of the claims Dahmer made in the April newspaper story.

The university released a statement to the College Heights Herald on Tuesday saying that the allegations against WKU and the other defendants were “maliciously untrue.”

In the lawsuit, Dahmer accuses the university and defendants of being indifferent to the harassment she said she was suffering from other students.