Hundreds of students will be moved to Lexington’s newest elementary. See the streets involved.

Construction started in April on the 80,000 square foot school. It is the largest elementary ever built in Fayette County and will serve 750 students.
Construction started in April on the 80,000 square foot school. It is the largest elementary ever built in Fayette County and will serve 750 students. EOP Architects

Hundreds of students would be shifted to a new elementary school in a plan revealed to the Fayette County Public Schools board for the first time this week.

The plan outlines how the district would fill the new school at 4801 Athens Boonesboro with students who currently go to other schools. The new building is set to open in 2019.

“I want to acknowledge our families who are nervous about that,” said Fayette Pupil Personnel Director Steve Hill. “We are going to provide those services that their kids need to make sure their transition is as easy as possible.”

Although parents didn’t speak at the board’s planning meeting on Monday, families and residents have for months been asking a district rezoning committee not to adversely affect them. Some do not want their children to leave a very crowded, in-demand Athens-Chilesburg. The new school will be the largest public elementary school in Fayette County with 750 students.

The attendance proposal, which the school board will take a final vote on later in the month, involves moving 458 current students and an additional 92 future kindergarten students who are not yet in the district, for a total 550 students.

Of th e 458 students, 65 of the students would be rezoned from Julius Marks Elementary attendance boundary. About 393 of the students would be shifted from the Athens-Chilesburg Elementary school to the new Athens Boonesboro.

Some of those who will move are overflow students at Athens-Chilesburg who attend Garrett Morgan, Squires, Maxwell and Dixie Magnet elementary schools.

More than 1,000 students are currently in the attendance zone for Athens- Chilesburg, which was built for 650 students.

The areas that would move to the new school under the proposal include:

  • Man-O-War Boulevard, east of Richmond Road
  • Squires Road, south of Man-O-War
  • Outbound Richmond Road
  • Stuart Hall

  • A large area outside of the urban services area, the city’s growth boundary, near the school which is located on Athens Boonesboro

  • Bainbridge Drive

  • Darby Creek Road

  • Welsh Park, Marcus Trail, Lotus Lane, Parsons Lane, Lankshire Place, Bullrush Trace, Camphor Way, Fox Glove Point, Larkhill Lane

  • Evangeline Lane

  • An area south of Squires Road that connects to Richmond Road — Ellemore Lane, Brookewind Way, Forest Cove Lane, and Shoreside Drive.

Rising fifth-graders can stay at their current schools. Fourth graders can stay if they had to transfer schools as a result of a separate 2016-17 attendance rezoning. Siblings can stay as long as their older brothers and sisters do.

The Fayette school board will take a final vote on the proposal Oct. 22.

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