See who was just hired as the principal of Fayette County’s new elementary. And why.

Josh Williams will be the principal of Fayette County’s newest elementary school, set to open in 2019.
Josh Williams will be the principal of Fayette County’s newest elementary school, set to open in 2019. Fayette County Public Schools

A principal has been hired for the new Lexington elementary school that is under construction and is set to open in August 2019.

Josh Williams, a former elementary school principal, also helped open Frederick Douglass High School in 2017 as the principal of the Freshman Academy.

He will lead Fayette County’s 37th elementary school off of Athens‐Boonesboro Road, officials said in a news release Wednesday. The new school has not been named.

“The compelling vision that Josh has for the new school will provide a rich educational experience for our children,” Superintendent Manny Caulk said.

Williams, who has 13 years of experience in education, started his career teaching world history and government at Lafayette High School.

He served a year as a principal intern in the Fayette County Public Schools, shadowing other principals. He worked for a year as director of students and student life at Madison Southern High School in Richmond, a year as assistant principal at Camp Taylor Elementary and four years as principal of Watson Lane Elementary School, both in Jefferson County.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in social studies education from Georgetown College, and a master’s degree in education leadership and superintendent’s certification from Eastern Kentucky University.

Williams will complete his doctorate at EKU in 2019.

“When you walk into our building, students will be actively engaged in the learning process,” he said. “We will incorporate the pillars of global competency, where students have the opportunity to explore the world around them and how they can understand and appreciate different points of view and different cultures. We want them to be prepared to act on what they see and to be able make a difference.”

“With this new elementary school, we really want to focus on infusing the arts into the curriculum and providing students with the opportunity to learn through the lens of arts,” Williams said. “Our goal will be to provide opportunities for students to learn in different ways — through movement, through expression, through sound and rhythm — so that they are able to verbally express and articulate the things that they’re doing and the things that they’re learning.”

Williams’ wife, Meocha WIlliams, is the principal of Scott County High School in Georgetown.

He will start in his new position on Jan. 2, 2019, when Fayette district staff return from winter break.