Random drug testing of some students approved by this Kentucky school district

Boyle County Schools

Boyle County Public Schools in Danville has approved random drug testing of some of its students, district officials posted on Facebook Friday.

“It’s one piece of a larger puzzle that we, as a school district and community, can put together to support our kids and help them stay drug-free,” the statement said, noting that the school board approved the policy Thursday night. “We want to be proactive in our efforts to give our students the best possible future, both academically and developmentally. This is simply another tool, along with prevention lessons and instruction in resiliency skills, to support our students in deterring drug use and intervening early with counseling services for students who are found to be positive.

Pam Tamme, District Health Coordinator, said the district was also developing a personnel policy for the board to consider regarding staff testing.

All students eligible for the testing pool by virtue of being involved in an extracurricular activity or driving to and from school will have an equal chance of having their name or number drawn by the drug testing laboratory, a district document attached to the Facebook post said. Since it is a random drawing, each student has an equal chance of having his or her name drawn each month,

Fayette County Public Schools officials did not immediately comment on that district’s student drug testing policy.

According to Herald-Leader archives, the Casey County school board in late 2016 voted to randomly drug test fifth- and sixth-graders participating in after-school activities, including athletics, at the middle school level.

Kentucky School Boards Association officials could not immediately be reached Friday, but in 2016 Association officials said that there were a handful of districts in the state that drug-tested middle school students who participate in extracurricular activities.