School cafeteria worker ‘Miss Fannie’ is still working as her 90th birthday approaches

Fayette County Public Schools

Lexington’s Clays Mill Elementary is celebrating one of their cafeteria workers who will soon be turning 90 years old.

Fannie Kinzer, who was born June 14, 1929, has worked with Fayette County Public Schools’ Food Service since 1998 and plans to be back again this fall.

“I enjoy working. I’m in good health and I still do a lot of work around the house,” said Kinzer. “Not long ago, I painted my woodwork in my laundry room.”

At Clays Mill, “we all work together,” said Kinzer.

In the morning, she gets the serving line “ready for the kids to come through.”

Students and staff celebrated Kinzer’s birthday on Tuesday with a cake since the school year will be over on her actual birthday.

“This has been the best birthday I’ve ever had,” she said, noting that some kids sang to her as they walked through the lunch line.

Kinzer said she plans to work “as long as I’m able to get up and go and able to do my job.”

Kinzer said she cleans up after she works on the serving line.

“I’m still able to mop,” she said.

Kinzer said before going to work at Clays Mill 21 years ago, she worked at Lexington’s Central Brace Shop for 57 years and did leather work on braces.

Clays Mill Cafeteria Manager Angie McCoy said Kinzer does everything required of a cafeteria worker and does it cheerfully.

Beyond her duties, Kinzer said she makes sure she smiles at students and greets them with a “good morning” just in case they don’t get a smile from others in their lives.

“She’s a joy every day when she comes in,” said McCoy.